First blog post

Nice site isn’t it. 



Dua Lipa

she is one of the most inspiring model  for me I have dreamt many things due to her. She is so brave, so brave i totally LOVE HER no words for that. DUA LIPA a pop singer, songwriter and a model she is so inspiring to many members like me. Leaves in London is an Albanian from Kosova thus, born in London. born on 22 august 1995. she totally is superb a package of everything. Beautiful, stunning and marvelous obviously.  i have no more words for her. LOVE YOU DUA LIPA, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU LOTS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 .



It is fuck being a collage student for some and for others it’s wonderful. For me it was wonderful I had many day unforgettable amid some forgettable. I want you all too know about them.  

So I am blogging them.  Catch one of  them in my next post.  

Posting is fun 

This is my first blog post. Do you know posting and people reading it is fun. We can interact with other people. This all is fun and I will be going to write a about my collage in next blog. (Hope you all like my blogs)  


Isn’t this beautiful. 

I like nature so I would be posting some pics too.